Skylink Microwave

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Chengdu Skylink  Intellitech  Co,.Ltd,  was founded in 2015, which is a leading  supplier  in RF/MW  and millimeter components  and system. Skylink also offers a wide range of passive/active components and sub systems, including Filter, Switch, Solid State Power Amplifier, Antenna, Isolator/Circulator, Up/down converter, etc. These products extende frequency range from 10MHz to 65GHz and can stand power up to kilowatts, which can meet our customers extreme needs.

Over the years, we have formed a strong R&D team by convening experienced engineers and cooperating with local universities and institutions.This allows us be able to design and deliver unique solutions with high quality which address customer system and business requirements.

We have a strict quality management system and have passed ISO9001 certification that demonstrate our focus on delivering exceptional quality, reliability and performance for our customers.